Group classes

We can design classes or programmes to suit most requirements. To date, we have run diverse boxing workshops for all sorts of groups. Examples of workshops:

Trainers workshop - This is great for personal trainers working in gyms helping go over the importance of a good pad holding technique, breaking down boxing techniques keeping it simple but effective for your clients and of course teaching fun boxing exercises to keep your clients coming back for more!

Sports teams sessions - This is great for sports teams of all levels to come and improve their fitness while also contributing to building stronger bonds within a team or group. Both of these are essential for any sports man or woman in a team. We have done sessions for college to adult sports teams.

Supporting the Community

Supporting local community groups and charities is close to WBGs heart and we are always open to talking with groups and charities around how we can collaborate to make this world a better place. Below are examples of work we have done or are working on:

Charity Boxing Events - To date we have promoted or supported over 5 charity boxing events such as Kiwis for Kiwi who are the ONLY NZ charity dedicated to protecting kiwi, Blue Dragon Children's Foundation a charity working in Vietnam with children in crisis, IT Heavy Hitters which supports The Key To Life Charitable Trust aiming to affect positive social change surrounding suicide prevention, suicide awareness and mental health in New Zealand, Wellington Big Bash which supported the Breast Cancer Foundation, Business Bust Up supporting prostate cancer research and many more. So as you can see we love getting involved with meaningful work and using boxing as a vehicle to bring people together, bring awareness to these causes and also making money to support the amazing work they do. 

Community Groups - At the moment we have collaborated with Counterpunch Parkinson's who rent space at a discounted rate, to run workshops every 2pm Thursdays in the gym to support people with Parkinson's. Developed by Parkinson's specialists and top movement experts to promote: purposeful movements, improve posture and walking, build strength and confidence.

We are also supporting Shift running boxing classes in schools and with young woman in the gym. Shift is an initiative to improve the wellbeing of young women aged 12 – 20 years. 

Personal Training Sessions

All our trainers can run one on one sessions in the gym focusing on areas you would like to work on. This can range from fitness, getting fight ready, breaking down boxing techniques and more! So enquire with our trainers if you are interested!