Youth Classes at Wellington Boxing Gym

Wellington Boxing Gym is excited to offer youth classes for 8 - 17 years old which run in sync with school terms.

Term 2 classes will commence the week of April 29th and will end the week of July 5th.

Registration for classes has closed and will reopen again for term 3. If you want to know any information beforehand, please email us on



No experience is needed to join these classes as they are catered for beginners and for the experienced. These classes are a merge of our BoxFit and Skills classes. So focusing on fitness and skills associated with boxing. 

There will be no sparring within the gym without permission from a parent or caregiver. So these classes will be non contact.

We also like to incorporate our gym values below:

This is your gym - this is your boxing home. So ‘RESPECT’ is something we teach about the space, equipment and also between each other

We’re in this together - Team work. We start together and finish together.

Be real - We all have different opinions, skills, experiences, talents etc. This one is about building confidence of being who you are and what you bring, while also learning how to work and be alongside others who may be different to yourself.

Having fun - While boxing is hard and requires concentration and focus, lets have some fun along the way together!

We have gloves at the gym avaliable for use, otherwise you will need to bring wraps, water bottle and towel if need along with you.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us below OR click below to SIGN UP!


All youth memberships are on a roll over term meaning at the end of term 2 ALL MEMBERSHIPS will go on hold for 2 weeks (the school holidays) and will start back up automatically for term 3. If you wish to not return, you will need to call and cancel 2 weeks before term ends.