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WBG Team


WBG Team


WBG Team

Meet our passionate team from Wellington Boxing Gym.


Asher Derbyshire

Director and Head Trainer

Asher Derbyshire is a qualified personal trainer and has over 10 years experience in the boxing game. He has competed in both amateur and professional levels, but in 2016 all Asher’s hard work and dedication to the sport paid off where he became the NZPBA Cruiserweight title holder. Asher is still competing as a professional boxer and has some big goals set for him and his team for the near future.

Asher is also a boxing coach and a boxing instructor. Over the last few years he has worked in boxing gyms in Auckland and Wellington, where he has gained a lot of experience working with New Zealand's top coaches and fighters.

Asher is here to help you achieve your goals in the gym, whether it's wanting to lose weight, tone up, get fit and healthy or to help you become the next champion!

Dayna Carter

Director and Trainer

Dayna Carter is the co-director of Wellington Boxing Gym alongside head trainer and husband Asher. Dayna has boxing experience at a corporate level where she has jumped in the ring herself. She enjoys the physical and mental challenges boxing gives.

Dayna runs boxing classes for kids and young woman and loves seeing them try something new, build confidence and learn they have potential to do what ever they desire! But her main involvement in the gym is running things behind the scenes. So if you need to know any information regarding the gym or have any queries, she is the number one person to speak too. 

Thomas Russell - WBG Trainer

Thomas Russell


Thomas is an all rounder trainer from BoxFit classes to our Fighter classes. He has a lot of experience in boxing from getting in the ring multiple times as an amateur and professional fighter, to delivering boxing classes in many gyms throughout Wellington. His expertise is to get you fit and skills sharp.

Aisea Lealea - WBG Trainer

Aisea Lealea


Aisea (Ice) is a dedicated boxer and has many years of experience in the ring as an amateur. Ice has the ability to break down boxing techniques and translate it for a beginner to an experienced boxer. He takes his learnings from being a competative boxer and compacts it in the skills class.

Akeyla WBG trainrer

Akeyla James-Kapa


Akeyla has been a long term member and in that time has become fit and knowledgable in boxing. She has also fought and can offer feedback and support from that perspective.

Akeyla runs a tough BoxFit class (with a smile of course!) as she likes supporting and encouraging people to their find their limits and smash past it. She also runs our youth classes and classes in schools.

David Isaia - WBG Trainer

David Isaia


David is a champ when it comes to charity events! He's the man supporting the fighters in preparation getting them fit ready (runs the running group on Saturday mornings), keeps them informed, helps corner on the night and warm up the teams.

David also helps out with running boxfit classes.

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Haile James-Kapa


Haile was new to the boxing scene last year and understands how hard it can be to step outside of your comfort zone. Since then she has had a couple of corporate and amateur fights.

Haile creates an encouraging atmosphere in her BoxFit classes and is willing to help anyone who is needing that extra push in the right direction.

Jo Rush - WBG Trainer

Jo Rush


Jo holds a lot of knowledge surrounding boxing. This comes from boxing for 6 years and coaching for 2 years. Jo is also a personal trainer and brings a lot to our small but dedicated team.

Jo loves boxing, has a great passion for the sport and enjoys teaching the sport to others. So come down and check out one of her classes!

Jab and Hook - Wellington Boxing Gym

Jab and Hook

Team supporter

Jab was a new addition to the team end of 2018 and Hook joined the WBG team beginning of 2019.

Jab and Hook keep the morale in the gym high with them both loving cuddles and games with our members!