Our Classes

All our classes are 1 hour with our express classes and youth classes being 45 minutes.

BoxFit / BoxFit EXPRESS class (All levels)

This class is for anyone and everyone from the beginner to professional. A high intensity workout that involves skipping, pad combos, boxing bags, floor exercises and core work. This class is designed to get your heart rate up!

SkillsFit EXPRESS class (All levels)

This class merges BoxFit and Skills into one class. Half dedicated to a high intensity workout and the other half dedicated to learning boxing skills.

Skills class (All levels)

For people wanting to learn the art of boxing. We work on your technique such as footwork, punching, defence, etc. You will also get a decent workout from this class.

Fighter's class (Advanced) 

We cater for all fighters from amateurs to professionals. This class is designed to get you ready for competition. 

Kids and Youth classes (All levels) 

These classes run alongside school terms throughout the year. Kids classes are for 8-12 years old and the youth (girls and boys) classes are for 13-17 years old. These classes are a merge of our BoxFit and Skills classes. So focusing on fitness and skills associated with boxing. 



What to bring to classes


Please bring boxing gloves to all our sessions. If you use our free gloves, you MUST wear wraps. 


We must wear wraps during sessions. You can get these from your local sports shops.


Staying hydrated during our classes is a must. We have filtered water in the gym, so please bring a bottle along.


Hygiene is important at the gym. Please respect others and the space and wipe down equipment or sweat after sessions. We have sanitiser spray that we ask you to use also.

Appropriate footwear and clothing

Please wear appropriate exercise clothing and footwear.