Wellington boxing gym party post

Celebrating the members - Tickets on sale

At Wellington Boxing Gym we are always thinking of ways in which we can give back to our members. One way is our christmas functions. So this year we put some ideas out to the members to have a vote and the clear win was a party on a boat!

So this year we have partnered with Sweet Georgia to host our late Christmas party/new year party. Its such a hard time of year to fit a Christmas function in, so we deliberately moved it to the beginning of the year.

Below are the details of the party:

boat party image - wellington boxing gym

THEME - Is anything sea. Mermaids, Captain, Pirate, seaweed whatever :)

anchor - wellington boxing gym

COST - $20 per ticket. 80 tickets only, so don't miss out!

boat party WBG

DATE/TIME - 6th April. Meeting at One Red Dog at 5pm to set sail at 5.30pm sharp

anchor - WBG party

FOOD/DRINKS - Summer BBQ with desert with beer and wine covered.

boat party wbg

TICKETS - Tickets can be purchased at WBG. 80 tickets only, so don't miss out!

Since we have over 120+ members and there is only 80 tickets for sale we are selling tickets to members only at this point. This is to allow all our members the opportunity to purchase a ticket. Two weeks prior to event (23rd March), if we have tickets still yet to sell, we will open it out to our members friends and family.

Tickets are selling quickly, so don't miss out!