B4TP Poster - Wellington Boxing Gym

At the end of 2017, Wellington boxing Gym signed up to train the blue team for Battle for the Pacific (B4TP III). There were 50+ fighters to start with and within that team were Kura and Cass.

Kura and Cass have been working hard in the lead up to this event in hope of getting selected to fight, and only last week it was announced that they both will be stepping into the ring!

What has been great about these two woman, is that they have been documenting and capturing their journey on paper to share with the world. Below are some quick snippets of quotes from it:



"Sometimes you feel like running away from everything – ‘responsibilities’ or ‘obligations’ – everything!


Did we care to think that maybe, maybe instead of running away from everything –  we are/were running towards everything!"

"We got through. It was hard, mind boggling, scary , tiring – oh not forgetting – like sore! (not dramatic sore – but like it hurt!)"

"Mindset: Exercise becomes something fun to do than just a chore – and trust me we have been there – where we are like “do we have to?” “Should we skip”"


Whats great about this blogs is its written with no fluffy bits, its raw and the truth of the writer.  You read it almost putting yourself in their position and feeling the pain of their trainings and the battle of the brain telling you to stop.

Have a read through and check it out! Do so by clicking on the button below.

Give the blog a share, a like, add a comment of even better, purchase a ticket to come and support these girls and the causes they are fighting for! To get tickets or a table contact Bronwen on 0211776584 or email TICKETS@BATTLEFORTHEPACIFIC.CO.NZ.