B4TP III - Wellington Boxing Gym

We are just over three weeks away from B4TP III for 2018 and tickets are on SALE!

The team have been working hard especially over this holiday season where most people would be enjoying pavlova, BBQ feasts, a few beersies and all the yummy food Christmas and holidays bring. Instead this team have been doing 6am classes, evening classes and meeting every Saturday at 6am to smash out a run! #DoingTheMahiToGetTheirTreats

Fights have also just been announced with the following people from the Blue team locked to fight. We also have a list of back ups that 'could' fight and are training hard still in the lead up.

B4TP III fight announcement - Wellington Boxing Gym

So come down to Walter Nash Stadium out the Hutt on the 24th of Feb for a great fight night that is supporting great causes in our community. The Wellington Boxing Gym Blue team have been working hard! To purchase your tickets and/or tables, contact Bronwen on 0211776584 or email TICKETS@BATTLEFORTHEPACIFIC.CO.NZ.

See you all there!