James-Kapa sisters join the WBG team!

WBG is very excited to have two new trainers who have been dedicated members of the gym. Welcome to the team...

Akeyla - Welcome to the team

Akeyla James-Kapa


Akeyla has been a long term member and in that time has become fit and more knowledgable in boxing. She hopes in the near future that she can step into the ring.

Akeyla runs a tough BoxFit class (with a smile of course!) as she likes supporting and encouraging people to their find their limits and smash past it. You will certainly get a good sweat up in her classes!

Haile - welcome to the team

Haile James-Kapa


Haile was new to the boxing scene last year and understands how hard it can be to step outside of your comfort zone. Since then she has had a couple of fights under WBG and wishes to continue.

Haile creates an encouraging atmosphere in her BoxFit classes and is willing to help anyone who is needing that extra push in the right direction.

So come down and check out one of their BoxFit sessions! They are tough, but are so, so you get the best out of your class!

REMEMBER your first session is FREE, so come check them out!