About Wellington Boxing Gym

Wellington Boxing Gym was born off a dream back in 2013 to bring life and energy back into the boxing scene here in our capital Wellington. Determined to make waves, the team knew there was a lot of work involved to make this happen.

Qualifications, being mentored, and many conversations later, Wellington boxing Gym opened its doors July 18th 2016.

The small team here at Wellington Boxing Gym have been carefully selected around who aligns with the gyms values, goals and who share similar boxing knowledge. They are dedicated to creating an inviting space where there are no egos. Anyone at any level can come and get an informative and challenging workout. All our trainers have boxing experience as we feel this is vital to ‘walking the talk’.

Using boxing as our vehicle to get fit and healthy, we are also aiming to breed successful fighters at amateur and professional levels. Corporate boxing is also something close to our hearts as it allows people to get a taste of the benefits of boxing while of course getting fit. It allows the team to dip their toes into meaningful work as these corporate events support causes that benefit New Zealanders.

The gyms values are:

This is your gym

We’re in this together

Be real

Having fun!


We plan to scale our little boxing gym to be a place to host anything boxing, so watch this space.